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Here's some options you might want to consider. All are unashamed tanksims and like any of their kind there is a learning curve and a lot of keystrokes, though you can get by with learning maybe a dozen or so.

Panzer Elite, WW2 - old but looks acceptable with one or more of the available mods, still available, still modded and still one of the best-equipped and most playable:

Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942 - WW2 - more modern and very good graphics, still mostly Ostfront but excellent range of user-made missions and playable AFVs available, especially with the STA mod:

Steel Armor -Blaze of War - Cold War - an improved tanksim from the makers of Steel Fury, in the same league as Steel Beasts as regards realism IMHO. Few mods and just two playable tanks, and a steep learning curve if you want to get into the wargame mode as well as the tanksim mode:

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