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Default [B120] No Smoker on Conning Tower

[B120] No Smoker on Conning Tower

A new save file must be created for this mod to work.

I prefer to command a non-smoking vessel and now you can too.

To install locate your game directory or use steam to open the local folder.
Mine is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\UBOAT\UBOAT_Data\Mana ged

Backup your original "" and insert the new DLL into the Managed folder.

From the limited amount of testing I've done so far it seems I had to create a new save file for the changes to take effect.

Download Link 1

Code Changes:
Modified the SmokeBehaviour Class
-Method SmokeBehaviour, changed attention value from 0.95f to 0f.
--AIBehaviourFlags to onetime instead of repeatable.

As this is a DLL file I have attached a link to the virus total report Here
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