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DCS: W 1.5.1 Update 1
DCS World
Encyclopedia. Added new entries. More to come.
Payload and refueling ingame panel corrected.
The broken trees blending, when seeing it from cockpit is fixed.
Restored Heat Blur effects for helicopters.
The dust effect for wheeled vehicles corrected.
Crash with moving vehicle group is fixed.
Game options. The cockpit status bar option added to the gameplay panel in the game option window.
Game options. The HUD language option is restored.
Game options. The pressing of button in the CONTROLS panel will recognized correctly.
Game options. The EXTREME settings of VISIB RANGE option are corrected.
Multiplayer. The status bar IAS indication of AI aircraft is restored.
Multiplayer. The Spectator external views option is added to MISC panel of game options.
Multiplayer. The JOIN REQUEST panel that allows to get request for second player in the cockpit of a multicrew aircraft is corrected.
ME. Crash in the "Warehouse in airport" panel is fixed.
Amount of ASM Bazalt has been corrected for "Moscow" cruiser.
SAM Buk (SA-11) animation now coincides with actual turret position.

DCS L-39
Radio and RSBN. Channel frequency will be automatically adjusted to ATC with hot runway start.
Radio. 118-140 range for R-832M and multirange spinboxes is already added to ME.

DCS MiG-15bis
G-Load overlay indicator removed from cockpit.
The airframe damage decals are corrected.

A left wing frame structure appearing when wing bends is removed.

Chinese localization added (WIP). There is still much to do.
Note: The Chinese localization is still WIP and a subject to change, so at the moment it has a number of issues with correct Chinese characters displaying. Some parts cannot be displayed in Chinese (now itís a few elements of the CA interface as well as callsigns). We are sorry for any inconvenience.
More News to the front.....

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