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Well I still have that mission I set up for training: convoy aproaching, some airborne whirly-threats and plenty of targets, both defended and sitting duck. Carrier to land on, think I'll add a FARP to land at as well, they can be pretty challenging.

We can start off with that. People who just want to fly a bit can form up and take the scenic route, people who want some action will find plenty of targets.

I'm no editor wonder-boy myself, but perhaps we can find/make some more involving missions, provided there's interest. Personally I always make them with a fair amount of freedom. No fun being pressed into an attack on a strict timelimit while you're still coming to terms with the weapons sytem.

I'm glad to see a positive response. Simply love flying the things, would be even better with some company. God knows I tried whipping the AI into shape, but I'm still more likely to get a mid-air collision than an "affirmative".

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