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All very interesting. I had not heard of WOFF until coming across this thread and now I'm curious to learn more. I've always been a die hard fan of Red Baron 3D (still my favourite game) for three significant reasons:

1. The dynamic campaign, which provided endless playability and new surprises even after a decade worth of playing, plus the historical authenticity and the fairly realistic representation of the nature of WW1, the missions, squadrons, aircraft etc. At least, it gave the right kind of impression.

2. The level of spirit put into the game which was absolutely superb, never seen anything else like it. Very endearing.

3. The aggressiveness of the AI. A significant element missing in more modern flight sims in my opinion, where enemy fighters tend to just fly singly in wide sweeping level turns, essentially waiting to be shot down by the player. In RB3D however, they were very manoeuvrable and would attack very frequently, with a level of unpredictability even for the experienced player.

It was partly for these reasons that I never got Rise of Flight, as these ingredients all seemed to be distinctly lacking, at least to the level of RB3D. That combined with the whole having to be online thing, continually having to buy the game etc, the trend of modern games that I refuse to interact with.

I already have CFS3 so may well think of giving this a go. Since you've come from Red Baron, and probably appreciated it for the same reasons I do, I'd be interested in how you might compare the two. Understanding that it is its own game with its own unique character of course.

All the best with your campaign. Cheers.
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