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I can see your not needing a faster connect.
I'd have to say I'm not an average user of the 'Net.

When I compare cost of services like MediaFire and other hosting services?
Then compare cost of Hosting on my own servers with a faster connection?
The price equals out and in some cases is cheaper for me.
It also gives me COMPLETE control where I avoid loss of Data Control like Photobucket did so many in the past.
I also run business software that I'd otherwise pay for!
My Servers are past systems re-used so I'm not increasing my out of pocket expenses.

Keeping everything 'In House' also allows me encryption that can't be hosted elsewhere. No need for you to know why I need that type security.

Another BIG advantage for me is the ability to restrict access by several means.
I can block/allow by IP address, Browser Id, Password, etc.
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