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Originally Posted by TheCod View Post
After a reinstall, with the update, when trying to load a previous save:
That campaign is actually complete (you finished the last patrol), so you won't be able to continue it.

Originally Posted by TheCod View Post
Also, after being badly shot up (100% damage, on the ocean floor - about 100 deep) I was unable to move dead crerwmen from motors to crew quarters. It just kept resetting to have them still in motors. If I was actually destroyed (100% - good guess) the game should have ended...?
If you still have any crewmen alive, then you haven't lost yet! The dead crewmen should have been automatically moved to crew quarters as soon as they died; send me a bug report from in-game (pause, then "Report a bug") and I'll see if I can figure out what happened.
Scott Goffman
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