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If after you install the game from disk Terrenceflynn, and you have to have the disk inserted to run the game, then you've got v1.3 or earlier. You would want to patch it with 'Official v1.4 patch', which is difficult, if not impossible to find on the Ubisoft site anymore. Also, the v1.4 does not have very many mods available for it. Fall of the Rising Sun v2.0 in German is one though. There is also RFB1.4 and that were for v1.4. You will find that most of the mods are written for v1.5 now.

Version 1.4 used to have a "U-Boat Missions Add-On" available, but I was unable to find it doing a quick search just now. However, Ubisoft does have the "Gold Edition" of Silent Hunter available on their US site for $9.99, which is the price of the old Uboat Missions Addon...

PS: I also forgot my "Welcome to SubSim Terrenceflynn!"

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