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Hi ninja turtle,

have you done what is written in point 6:

"6.) Players who use the ship-name feature in SH3 Commander should open the file 'Ship names.cfg' (located in the cfg folder in their SH3 Commander installation) and use the following parameters:



If only ship names should be added (and no cargo information and losses), set 'AddText=0'. In case of 'AddText=1' always choose 'AddAsNewLine=1'.

For the ship-name feature to work properly it is neccessary to use exactly the same name for the type as in the EnglishNames.cfg/GermanNames.cfg in the Sea folder of the SH3 installation. I recommend to put a copy of the EnglishNames.cfg/GermanNames.cfg into the same folder as the executable. The log executable will read this file and offer all the names in a drop-down menu (the included EnglishNames.cfg/GermanNames.cfg is from GWX)."

If yes, have you checked whether the ship type is defined in "Ship names.cfg"?

Regards, LGN1

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