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Nuke M01 - Polyarny Inlet

since it is way to quiet in here, I thought I'd create and publish a mission.
Heavily inspired by 'Hunt for Red October', I created a classic boomer stalking mission with an approximate length of 2.5hrs and advanced difficulty.
I tested the mission - and the objectives - carefully for functionality, so there should be no errors.
Note that this scenario was created with the most current 'Red Alert' mod (1.40), so playing it with vanilla DW or another mod might result in problems.


The mission won't spoon-feed you with magic "we have been counter-detected" messages, instead it will react accordingly and it is up to you to notice this.
Read the briefing (copy broadcast asap once in-game) carefully and you'll be fine.

Feedback about errors/functionality/general opinion is highly welcome.

(Scenario not available at the moment)

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