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Just got back from my patrol. Reported two ships sunk. I underreported the other one - I have two identical looking tankers with different tonnages - but again BdU had other sources of information and I got credited more than I actually reported.

I love this mod! I'll never have another career without it (well, that's how I feel now, but let's see how I'll feel when I get FAT's and LUT's hitting something I never even saw...).

I'm guessing me being happy with the added tonnage, and eventually being frustrated with some non-accepted tonnage, might resemble the feelings some of the actual U-boat commanders felt when reading BdU's commentaries on their reports

Anyways the mod works as intended now. No difference between English language used, German, 1st patrol reported, 2nd patrol, German characters like etc used, everything's working.

Do give this mod a try guys, words can't convey how much this mod changes and adds to the game!
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