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Originally Posted by LGN1 View Post
Thanks for the feedback, BigWalleye and sublynx!

As a quick-fix I have removed the new version and uploaded the old one again.

I have to find out what is going on and then fix it.

@BigWalleye: What was your true tonnage when claiming the Bismarck?

Regards, LGN1
Zero. I just started a dummy career, docked immediately, then brought up SH3 Log. I figured it would reject whatever I entered, so I made up an absurd claim. If you mean claimed/credited, I'm not sure - I've since deleted it - but I believe it was 50000/50000. Obviously, they let us get away with one now and then. It happened in RL, too. Just happened when I claimed a whopper for my own amusement.
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