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hi Bracer

sorry i forget what i may have queried already - but will the game have weather and visibility and sea state changes - i see the ship bobs up and down now on the waves, how does this effect firing and other things currently?

a dynamic campaign is always the gold star thing to achieve but likely the hardest of all

i think a custom mission generator would be good too- especially in the interim
in fact , if you have a few more scenarios - historical encounters (gotta have North Cape and sinking of Ark Royal to some approximation at least) and a custom mission maker or even just random mission generator then you have pretty much a complete game and the campaign can just come later

other wishes would some command of other ships - maybe some destroyers, not simulating them, but just that you can issue some orders to them and which they might even not follow if during the heat or battle or if there is some comms damage , or bad weather.

- a scout plane that can be launched and retrieved - perhaps it just comes down and lands somewhere in the vicinity of the BB and either you animate the crane to pick it up and bring it back in (showing this would have to be a first for naval simulation games i think) or just if the plane gets close enoughyou will just automatically pick it up and it would be ready to use again after some estimated time it takes to reset and refuel etc - of course weather and ship damage would be factors
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