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Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
In part 1 did you mean to leave the line on something like the funnel structure to gauge if it comes closer or goes further around the next observation? That would be an appropriate means to verify the guestimated AOB. I'm not sure to what extent the real periscope has got stabilization mechanics internal, or whether that is just a gameplay trick. So like you could leave the line on the mast/funnel and it will always stay at that level. With a proper (prism) stadimeter mechnism this would be more reliable I guess.
I agree - it’s a good idea to gauge the change in height as well during this. I didn’t in the video for all the multitasking/talking/juggling going on.

Stabilization I think is a gameplay trick. In reality we’d use the UZO and have hull-down ships, making it “easier” to eyeball range by seeing how the masts grow/shrink while knowing distance to horizon. The “length for range” trick is my way around that limitation which makes me feel not so bad about the stability of the scope. One of my next to-do items is to fashion a horizontal centiradian scale for the UZO to make rangefinding possible with that (probably on a transparency to hold up to the screen).

As far as stadimeter, the scopes we have in-game didn’t have this (or RAOBF either) to my knowledge, as the installation of binocular optics precluded the inclusion of this feature (if Hitman’s research is correct anyway). Split prism/RAOBF was an earlier feature discarded in later scopes like the fixed-height Standsehrohr, the trade off being binocular vision.
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