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No offence here, but if this project is supported by Subsim - would it be supported by community?

I mean work done by Subsim community for outher game producers like Silent Hunter series or others. These products are sell indepedently and have their own business model to sell. Marulken will have their business model I guest...

But now I'm reading that devs working with Uboat type VII interior... WHY???
Subsim modders may build ship models, campaigns, mission scenarios, interios from german uboats to japanese submarines.

In my opinion devs (and Onkel Neal) waste their time and money - devs should focus on game engine only, mods supporting and maybe further development plan like playing versus human-controlled destroyers as it was in old, good Destroyer Command.

Neal and devs, please: do not ignore power of community. See what modders did for SH3/4/5. Focus on engine. Playing italian Calvi class or british DD Tribal versus other players may be funny too. Make project open for modders activation and focus on engine.

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