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Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
This project looks awesome, and really gets my attention to this sim

But a very important question -which has been so far a very limiting factor in these sims- is: How many units at a time in the battlefield can the game engine cope with? Can we expect to be able to recreate the massive tank battles of that era if we have a good computer and videocard, or will it all be scaled down to a much smaller size?
Thanks Hitman,

I've fought in a battle of sixty (60) T-34 and Su-85s. Of course I died
but I think I've learned my lesson.

The massive tank battle is a major goal. I have yet to experiment more
on the game engine maximum, but I will do my best to make sure that I
can do all I can to enhance that maximize that number.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Note: that the explosion effect has been tweeked.
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