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Originally Posted by yubba View Post
I got the game from there,, with all the mods,, I wouldn't use that graphics up date though it done funny things to the buildings on my machine any way,, I'm looking for a wide screen mod the best I can do is 1280x1024 ,, I could rig up my 19in screen and live with that but ,, doesn't guaranty a fix..
Thanks for the reply, I didn't know sorry , I have a win 7 32 bit comp. I reformatted with a virgin install before they stopped supporting win 7. It has all my old games on it. I just thought i would post the link in case it would help somebody. Ya know i miss that game i could play single player offline or at that time go to Hyperlobby wich at that time was cutting edge on line playing. Sorry it didn't work out for you Yubba.
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