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Get ready for action, we're on the move again!

Kyth Mission 2_02

In this Semi-historical Scenario, Irresistable Force meets Immovable Object! The question is, who is who? ... Never mind, just keep shooting!

Get the mission here!

As usual, add a new line to 'user_camp.engcfg':

KY2_02, txt_mc_mymission2_2, 1, 0, Back_KY202.jpg, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_ky2, trappenjagd,

Other Installation requirements:

The following mods are required to run these missions:
i. Steel Panzer Mod v1.5 (beta)
ii. SPM1.5 beta fix
iii. Unofficial Patch SF v0.1
iv. SPM1.5 NTA 1.3 or SPM1.5 NTA1.4 (choose either one)
v. Popgunsv2 (highly recommended)
The “Popguns mod” can be downloaded here:
and activated / deactivated separately using JSGME. It's a modified common_res.engcfg file, based on 'NTA 1.4'.

Make every shot count!
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