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Some things don't change, at least not yet. My most recent trip to Cardiff ended in sheer chaos. Mission was to insert an agent, find some AA guns and while I was at it, test the new T5 torpedos. Well, I figured why not empty the tubes where I had T3s, to make room for the T5s, and there were a few warships moored up, destroyers and corvettes. Aimed at 2 corvettes and a destroyer and sunk them. Then all hell broke loose. 2 destroyers previously hidden behind the piers started up their engines, stricken with sudden hydrophobia, they both desperately tried to crawl up on the piers while the corvettes head butted the said destroyers pushing them like rag dolls up in the air and back into the water where they even more desperately tried to crawl back on dry land, far away from lurking submarines...

Oh well, at least La Rochelle has its working 88mm battery in place now and the circling sunderland is no more.
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