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Originally Posted by John Pancoast View Post
Here is the procedure:
-choose what message(s) from the en_menu.txt game file you want to load in the SH3 Commander static settings.cfg file. They will be used instead of the same ones in the en_menu.txt file in the game.
Path to the en_menu.txt file is <game install>data\menu. If you use some other language file instead of English it is in the same location and would be used instead of the en_menu.txt file in the examples below. The "en" in en_menu.txt means English. German i.e., would be de_menu.txt at the same location.
Path to the static settings.cfg file is SH3 Commander\cfg.
-You then write the path to this message in the static settings.cfg file in a section headed with the path to your en_menu.txt file. Open the static settings.cfg file and you will see the format required.
Section Heading example: [data\menu\en_menu.txt]
-The desired messages go immediately under this section heading.
Example: Say you want to change message #514 in the en_menu.txt file to read something else. It would go in the static settings.cfg file as:

STRINGS|514=<the message text>

Use the word STRINGS, not STATIC.

You can put as many messages as you want in the static settings.cfg file, to say whatever you want in the game.
Hope this helps, ask if not.
It worked!Thank you very much!
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