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Default Panzer Elite modded is a blast!

So I just had an interesting experiance. I got to play the first battle ever with a tiger tank near st petersburg in fall 42'! The model was amazingly bare as was the originals in early feild testing. Sitting on a hill top I had to cover a recovery operation of a broken down tiger. They didn't want Germany's new super weapon falling into Ruski hands. I pounded T-34's and armored cars at 2,000 meters from my hilltop positions and even KV-2's were knocked out at 1,400 meters head on. It was a blast. Graphically its not great but its not bad either and the realistic campaign's and briefings and feel of the tanks make up for it's short comings. I would highly recommend this to any avid tanker

All I can say is WOW this SIM has come along way and is quite a realistic experiance. has Panzer Elite Special edition for 5$!

Download the latest mod packs and enjoy a vast WWII armored combat experience!
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