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Default Weekly update

Version 0.18 is here!
This version contains major updates to the map tools. We’re taking a break during July, but we’ll be back to work on the bots in August.

Patch notes:
Right mouse button now closes recognition manual.
Fixed bug where the the notes section closes when typing c.
Torpedo gyro is now activated after 200 meters.
Fixed bug in tutorial level where torpedoes would pass through ships.
Added compass to conning tower.
Added compass to attack periscope.
Overlapping map text is now hidden.
Map keypad entries now support decimal numbers.
Map keypad entries now support addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Holding left ctrl button now lets you quickly zoom in on the map.
Added more map symbols.
Added line styles.
Added line copy tool.
Added more snapping options (none, point, line, all).
Lines drawn on the map now snap to the u-boat.
Eraser now works on any part of a line or circle.
Time stamps are now a property that all lines, circles and symbols can have, rather than something specific to the time stamp tool.
Removed time stamp tool.
Added hotkeys for map tools.
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