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Default [REQ] 3D torpedo-room: Any modder interested in finishing it? [Now with screens]


as you may know, Mikhayl posted his great 3D-model of the Type II torpedo room here for download: .

It is still WIP, but he won't finish it.

The model itself appears to be very much advanced, with lots of little details, as you can judge from the screenshots in the download. It's basically only missing the textures and (as far as I can say) some minor modelling-work.

Is any 3D-modeler interested in finishing this promising work? It would be very great if someone did it, as this would enhance the simulation very much :-)

At first, it would be enough to only add the room, without crewmembers etc. being inside, as that would surely be very tricky to do...

I am really looking forward to your replies, as I am sure lots of people would be happy to have such a large, new compartment in their submarine :-)

(I would do it myself, but unfortunately, I have not much time for modding anymore, and have no experience in 3D-modeling...)


Here are two large screenshots, originally posted by Mikhayl...

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