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Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
Stay low, drive in valleys, not over ridges and hilltops.

Remain formation and unit cohesion, if your chosen sim allows that.

Depending on your chosen sim, do not stay in place once the enemy has spotted your position (artillery...).

Learn that difference in viewing angles from (from top to bottom) TC unbuttoned, TC buttoned, gunners primary sight, gunners secondary sight. That you see something something as TC or in gunners primary sights does not mean that the gun barrel already has cleared any obstacles in front of the tank.

If manual distance callibration of optics is allowed by your chosen sim, dial in expected combat distance before you make contact, not after establishing contact. Get off the first (aimed) shot before the enemy, but dont perforate the air. Especially modern tanks run out of ammo unbelievably fast.

If reloading, go into cover. If reshuffling ammo from stores to ready racks, withdraw from the firing line completely.

Have situational awareness, always. Know where your buddies are, always.

No headlights at night. There are tank "sims" that use them excessively in night battles.

NEVER underestimate Russians.

Keep on mind: "Static defences are monuments for the stupidity of man."
With panzer elite, and with the manual, it has taken me all day figuring out the camera! I still cant figure it out! :P

Also, I was more looking for "how do I shoot" more than "when to shoot"

Also Looking for mods. Ostpak seems best. Or is it panzer elite three? Well anyway I found the link but the domain is gone. Anybody have a download?

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