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You have probably seen this thread, already:

This is absolutely the place to go for advice on Panzer Elite, Windows 10, the meaning of life etc etc:

I assume that your ref to Panzer Elite Action was in jest, unless you are after an arcade game with tanks (each to their own, no moral judgements made here).

More realistic games with WW2 tanks I would NOT recommend for someone interested in a tanksim:

Iron Front Liberation 1944, or ARMA mods - a good WW2 soldier sim and the tanks and other AFVs are beautiful to behold, but a tank simulator it's not - if you have played Op Flashpoint/ARMA/ARMA2 you will understand:

WW2 Battle Tanks - T-34-v-Tiger - good-looking, a great simulator of the (operation of) the two tanks in question, but very little mission content, little-to-no ability to add any, very sub-par AI, and apart from some intercom traffic, non-existent command, control and comms. A fuller take on it is here:

Buy 'em and try 'em is my advice, if you can get 'em cheaply enough.

PE is in many technical respects a better tanksim than SF:K42. Both need mods to be at anything like their best. You'll have noticed that SF:K42 has much better graphics, especially terrain and representation of infantry, field defences and crew-served weapons. And IMHO better stock missions (in that they generally represent more realistically company-level all-arms operations). PE is much better for its scope and for its related campaign elements, stock or modded, and has much better command, control and comms.

IMHO, anyone with a serious interest in fighting WW2 armoured battles on the PC just has to have these two, whatever else they may try or buy. If I had to choose one, I wouldn't.

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