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Id hate to dig this thread from the depths of davey jones ... but im having this issue, with the online manual 'gameplay' videos not working properly ?

Im using dosbox 0.74, windows vista 64 bit, & the retail cd rom version of aod, dos, which i just aquired.

my dosbox autoexec looks like:

mount c c:\
mount e e:\
mount d e:\ -t cdrom

An example of the error: the tutorial section...pops up this:

(error reading sct file: 31)

-warning file creation failed e:/\iscmprsd. $$$ db switched to max cycles, because setting = auto. If game runs too fast try fixed cycle amount in db options.

-Warning file e:/\ olm\31.sci exists & failed to open in write mode. Please remove write protection...

Thats what db status window reads. ^ whats causin it, how do i fix it?


edit =

Originally Posted by uk_John View Post
All I can recommend is that you get a windows front end called D-Fend

Reloaded, as that provides quick and easy switching of various options rather than the cumbersome DOSBox
i did get er runnin with dfend reloaded. its still doing the same thing so far. basically any of the gameplay videos (in the online manual) are producing similar effects.

Originally Posted by Aktungbby View Post
uk_John! After a long silent run! I'm playing Aces of

the Deep AWS!...I avoid the whole miserable issue by keeping up my old WIN 98 computer for that,

SHII and DC - a little stodgy but no headaches allowed in the mancave BBY! The 7 system is for SHIV;

V and newer stuff and I'm dubious about my free WIN10 upgrade on that one.
yes i want nothing to do with windows 10. seems like every version that comes out, is less & less game friendly.

im not too learned with virtualization, nor do i having a working windows 95 - 98 rig.

wonder if this issue exists solely with the cd dos version of aod, or the floppies too, in terms of trying to emulate older OSs.

also not seeing very much in the way of a google search regarding this. i think it has something to do with write protection, again judging by the messy db status window.

one of the main reasons i wanted to go out & get this (besides it being sweet ) was to have a working copy of the online manual. just my luck.

weird because the captain interviews & interactive maps function, just the gameplay video directory (& subsequent subdirectories) that are sketched out.


Edit = update. This was really aggrivating me. So ive been @ it ever since. I tried virtualbox vm ware, both windows 95 & xp, couldnt get it working.

Long story short, after alot of trial & erroring, it boiled down to adjusting the compatibility mode for dosbox, within dfend reloaded. I.e. not my default dosbos install location, but the one associated with the mounts for aces & dfr.

Anyway, set compatibility within dfends dosbox to full on windows 95, checked everything, including administrative privelages.

On a whim i tried it, for some reason right clicking each topic & voila! The historical & gameplay sections within the online manual are finally functional.

That being said, along with the update for boyancy guages, etc., i finally have aces of the deep running to full capabilities & im happy as a clam in a coral reef.

Not only have solved this conundrum, but also have tom clancys ssn running in full capability, thanks to virtual box in xp.

Two huge problems that have plauged me for awhile now, both finally solved within days of one another. Think im going to play the local lottery.

Thanks for the input gents. Hope this thread helps out fellow skippers in the future.

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