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That's something I will consider!
Yes, and the silhouette would also need to indicate which turret is connected to which director/computer/plotting room.
All of the three main director stations could control any of the three guns aswell as the secondaries.
So this schematic would need to be clear for the player.
There was also seperate night battle fire directors.

I cannot swear on this, but I believe there was a computer for each main gun, that's how I have modelled it now.
My question would be, could the turrets in local control use the computers still and communicate with the plotting rooms to get target calculations? If lets say the three main directors are knocked out.
The radar was also in a seperate compartment, so it might still be useful for range data, even for the local gunners.
Allthough many of the radar matresses/antennas was sitting on the directors, so if the director is hit, the radar is certainly history...

I am trying to remember which hit caused Scharnhorst to loose it's radar during the North Cape battle.
The Bismarcks radar broke by the shock from it's own guns IIRC.

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