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Default Celestial Sphere out of sync. Strange sunrise - suset behavior

Iím not sure how to describe this, but here goes.
Bałao class out of Brisbane, Jan 1944.
I start and check sunset and sunrise times. They appear to be reasonably close to archived almanac times. I then proceed toward the Bismarck Sea at 1x time leaving the simulation to run day and night saving as I go. I do this because Iím going about my daily routine listening to Fredís Radios in the background, interacting with the game from time to time. I finally arrive at the Bismarck Sea patrol area which is almost due north of Brisbane, so I havenít crossed any in-game ďtime zones.Ē On my way I notice that the sunset-sunrise times are getting progressively later (earlier?) so sunrise is happening at midnight.
I then go back and load my save game whence I started and this time I use time compression all the way to the Bismarck Sea. When I check sunset-sunrise times they are when they should be.
It seems that by playing at 1x the celestial sphere gets out of sync with game time.
Iíve made plenty of save games within both branches, the 1x branch and the time compression branch.
Iíve also noticed some other issues which may lead to understanding this phenomenon such as being attacked by air in the middle of my ďgame nightĒ (in 1x) while the clock indicates it should be daylight.
Iíll leave this description here and hope that one of the developers and/or modders have some ideas as to what might be causing this.
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