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Default Latest "unstable" update on for Uboat.

The latest update for Uboat has been posted on The version is: B125 Preview 8.

In order to access the latest "unstable" version you have to use the Galaxy download manger. The offline download will only host "stable" versions of the build (as in b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2). If you use the "Galaxy" installer make sure you turn "Beta Channel" ON (the right side of the installer page). This will enable the latest version to the left menu below (under "Override Features").

Here is the quote (unquote) from the developer concerning present and future updates for GOG users (04/03/2019):

"We were notified that the latest b125 versions on GOG weren't properly uploaded. We just fixed that for b125 Preview 8. Please re-download it, if you would like to play on the unstable branch." "Sincere apologies for the problem. We will keep an eye on such problems in the future!"

[Remember, you need to download Uboat from GOG with the Galaxy Installer to play the unstable version as formerly mentioned]. If you want to go back (to b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2) you must use the offline installer version.

Quote from support;

"Update 125 is an experimental patch that is available via GOG Galaxy. Experimental patches are available only via beta branch through Galaxy. We will upload offline installer as soon as the developer releases stable version of patch 125."

Nice to see prompt and courteous service after being in contact with GOG and Developer concerning the matter.


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