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Default Guide to the Opening Phase of the War?

Does anyone have some pointers for operating in the Asiatic Fleet, December '41 start?

I usually take out a S Boat, if fleet boat tactics are different please say so.
I use either FOTRSU or RFB + RSRDC with the Air Strikes Mod but I'm assuming the general principles are the same.

- On the first day of the war should I try to catch the Japanese landings off Apam, Vigan and Rosario?

- Should I venture into shallow waters to interdict the landings or wait offshore?

- With the slower speed, lower endurance and lack of radar on the S Boat, how do I patrol, intercept reported task forces and make contact?

- After the Japanese have landed, is there a logistics chain from Formosa to the PI? If so, where do they disembark prior to capturing Manilla?

- How long should I operate off the PI before moving south the evade the Japanese advance?

- How should I pursue the DEI campaign?

- Is it safe to refuel at Balikpapan?

- Should I operate East or West of Borneo?

- Where am I likely to make contact with Japanese forces?

- Who has air supremacy at this phase of the war and is it safe to operate on the surface during daylight hours?

I'd appreciate any pointers. I'm finding this dynamic phase of the war much more challenging than 42-43 where I can leisurely take a Fleet Boat or S Boat to choke points and sink merchants patrol after patrol without much changing.
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