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Single player is tough right now, especially submerged.

The boat tends to wander on depth and course and you have to do a lot of running around and it distracts from the job of navigation and plotting.

The game is meant to be a realistic simulation so unless you like the challenge of navigating, plotting targets, determining range and speed and entering the data into the TDC and constantly refining the solution, then it probably isn't for you.

Personally, I would like it to be more of an Officers simulation and less running around the boat. No one wants to sit on the dive planes or helm for 2+ hours so these tasks get neglected when you do have a multiplayer crew and are a serious nuisance when trying to do it single player.

If the game ever gets to a realistic level of opposition simulation managing the boat will become impossible by yourself and difficult with a MP crew required to man helm and dive planes instead of issuing orders.

What I would like is AI enlisted crew for the dive planes, helm, ballast tanks, negative tank, compressor and bilge pump.

For Officers, I would like a Navigator stationed in the Control room responsible only for navigation and the Observation Periscope

A Dive/Engineering Officer responsible for ordering/monitoring the dive and surfacing sequence and all speed and course changes as well as damage control.

A Sensors/Comm Senior NCO or Officer to manage communications and hydrophone

The last two officers are the Captain and XO splitting the Bridge/Attack Periscope and Conning Tower/TDC duties as desired

The XO, Nav and Comm would be the tracking party, responsible for keeping the navigation and target plot up to date.

For a more realistic simulation the Map in a fully crewed MP mode would only be viewable when in the control room. The ability to see the current plot from anywhere in the boat is a concession that is not very realistic but absolutely necessary when crew members must be engaged in multiple tasks.
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