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Hi Akula

I had exactly the same experience with SABOW, originally finding the interface about as user friendly as the proverbial cornered rat. Parked it for another day.

When that day came this Spring, two things solved it for me. Ok, three things, at the risk of sounding like that Python sketch.

First, I decided I would make the effort, whatever it took.

Second and third, that effort was reduced by:

1. Sim Deck's SABOW intro videos, notably this one - tho I think made before the updates, they are still helpful.

2. The update's improvements, notably;
(a) the 'quick mission' option which enables you to bypass most of the wargame element and get nearly straight to the tanksimming; and
(b) the instant action missions, which go directly to tanksimming, which started with two training missions, since increased, as described here:

There's still a lot of features I use little or at all but the tanksimming basics I find no more complicated than many another tanksim. It's well worth now making the effort also to get to grips with the wargame interface because that's needed to play campaigns fully and it adds an extra dimension to the game. Reminds me of Steel Beasts in some respects. Once you have cracked it the first time, the wargame interface's main features are suddenly fairly intuitive.

You can update the CD version, but its updates lag behind those for Steam and Gamersgate. I bought the Gamersgate version in a sale, so it was well worth it. I have the impression GG tends to get updates slightly sooner. There's no discount for CD buyers to get the D/L version but a sale renders that moot.

Modder WHUKID had a (beta, partial?) IDF mod with a playable IDF Centurion but I'm not sure it's still available and it may not work with the new version. Graviteam have said they want to start releasing DLCs, plans not public yet. Personally, dreaming being free, I want a playable Chieftain, then preferably 1970s-1980s NATO-v-WARPAC, then WW2. The first DLC is coming soon, it seems:

PS more up-to-date illustration of the increased range of 'instant action' options is here; more added since, including directing artillery fire:
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