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SHO Re: Quick end to career...

Originally Posted by Darthlucky View Post
Start a new career, 12th Flotilla in Penang. Outfit the boat, and head out. Set a course for the Indian ocean, call up 1/3rd speed and head out. Ten minutes later I run into two mines....that was a quick patrol lol.
I know that feeling, all too well.

Started a career, with a Type IX, start date was early '43, orders to leave France & plot a course to hit certain check points at a set speed that was to ensure I got to a spot just off Bombay, if I recall it right... where I was to then patrol the area for like.. 10 days. It has been a bit since I tried that career, so it's a bit fuzzy on all the exact details. After doing that, I was then to make for Penang

Needless to say, I got less than 1/2 a day from the starting point & boom... dead as a door nail.. Best I can figure is.. I tagged a mine.

I believe the port I shipped out from, was Lorient.

I may go back, (NOT with that career, but starting another) & give it another go... soon as I clear the bay entrance, submerge & go deep as possible until I get well away from the area... that way, hopefully bypass any mines.

Career I did that loss in, was Op. Monsun: Dark Waters v6, by Fifi.

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