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Icon1 thank you

Originally Posted by Lonny007 View Post
Thank You for the Kind Words Steel Shark!

"my own add-on mod for it" will this be added into DOTMOD or available to download separately? anything interesting you would care to discuss about your own mod? hehe.

Is this the only website for DOTMOD

I see that you mentioned the "DotMod Discord" is that the website that I copied and pasted above.

What is the most active forum for Cold Waters would that be Steam?

Do you guys need donations to help keep the lights on and perform your magic to this Masterpiece Submarine Game?


When i first started to mod DotMod i was not a member and did Dot Mod Custom add-ones how ever in its early stages it was evolving very fast so was hard to mod it

then i became a Contributor making stuff for them and doing research for them for ships , subs , weapons

then i became a Mod Developer for it i do mostly the user interface stuff so :

Damage Control panels
Weapon Sprites
vessel signatures
vessel profile pictures so the identification book ect
and a few weapon textures for models
and still research stuff

My Mod is called CWA

"Cold Waters Advanced"

if you look in the Mods Workshops For Cold Waters in this subsim coldwaters channel its in their right at the top of the

Sub-Forums : COLD WATERS

but as i make new stuff and come up with new ideas and add to dotmod my self and use their stuff its consistently being changed any ways theirs quite a few things to read up on about it

it will eventually be a addon to dotmod yes however ive all ready added some of my new CWA ideas in to DotMod already and ofc used some dotmod stuff in my own mod so we see whats what when its ready for release im more then happy for them to use any of my works done for CWA to be included in the main mod

hears a link to the main DotMod Discord sight :

As for your Kind offer for Donations these are Troubled times all over the world please KEEP your money you may need it

The Offer is VERY appreciated tho

Steel Shark
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