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Originally Posted by John Pancoast View Post
Don't think it's available anymore. What are you wanting to mod and what is your current mod list ?
Hi, i'm trying to install NYGM before Hsie and Stiebler patches and I read in NYGM 3_6_Manual:

- Anvart_Tycho Raise/Lower U-boat radars, D/F-aerial, stern flag (NYGM 3.6F). Anvart’s talented modelling provides these useful functions. For the avoidance of doubt, the animation code and the original turms supplied were all created by Anvart in a series of mods. Tycho consolidated these mods and adapted them for use with NYGM. [IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NYGM USERS: the latest Stiebler hard-code fix, version 4C, provides special Anvart-made turms that also mount both fixed and rotatable radars correctly. Owing to the impossibility of maintaining mod compatibility across NYGM and other super-mods, players of NYGM SHOULD NOT NOW USE the Anvart-Stiebler patch provided with the Stiebler hard-code fix 4C. Instead, download and install from the NYGM website at SubSim this patch: Stiebler4C_SubsFlag (put together by Tycho).]
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