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Icon14 Hello all together, i just want short to show a little of Seahunter

Hello Community, i am happy to show you my Seahunter here.

** IMPORTANT ** i want to set this to the Begin again:
This is a DEVELOPMENT SCENE! Effekts, the other Models (Outside of the I400) and the Inside of the Sei Ran, are NOT in her final Form here
So dont Panik, here it s only about the I 400 )

I will show Seahunter later this Week, in a few more Details than only this Video

Please do not be mad with me, it is 4:03 AM here @ my Time,
and i am tired, and need to go to sleep.

But to show you a little, what awaits you, and to get you some Staff to ask,
i will show you the Development Trailer of my I400.

The Submarine is completly final, the Sei-Ran only missing the Cockpit Textures, and the Inside Animation. Coming soon the next Days.

Seahunter will join at August to Kickstarter ( i explain later why )
and will be end of the Year 2019, to Steam as an Early Access Game.
The development is already well advanced.

Here in the forum, there is room for your questions, but also your wishes. If I can install it, I do that. I will present my project later in more detail, but I did not want to leave the forum empty. Best regards to you all and always good hunting. Andy / Smoking Head Software.

( Important: This is a DEVELOPMENT Trailer, in a DEVELOPMENT Scene,
so the Destroyers are just Placeholders, and the Torpedo System
is "cheated" for real, you need to use Periskop for targeting.
in the Video i skip this part. so please think about: This are
not "final Scenes" )

All you see, is Real Time. There is nothing reworked, and
nothing "cheatet" on.

Have Fun.

Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.

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