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Originally Posted by FPSchazly View Post
-Check your gear!
-Running diagnostics now, Captain!

I would say the towed is dragging but I'm sure you would know that if it was. If you're close enough in to use the spherical and conformal, I'd just use those. Also, I'm not sure if you're going to be able to sustain that 3 knots. From what I remember, that Delta scoots pretty good.

I've never heard of contacts just dropping off, though. Are you modded?
Yeah the towed was def. not dragging and last I checked the delta was indeed going ~13-15 kts. I wasn't worried about speed just yet though b/c I was slightly ahead of him when he came into his turn to the NE. I'm sure I will have to kick it up though. Just trying to be stealthy, plus the faster I go the shallow I have to be in order to keep the streaming wire at the surface (maintain constant contact).

Good call on the mods though, I am using LWAMI. Don't think that changes the towed though.
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