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Default [REL] GWX 2.0 Mission Orders

Do you want to receive radio orders to take part in the historical missions in GWX 2.0?
GWX 2.0 Mission Orders will place you in the middle of the action.

This mod acts as if the Germans had cracked the Allied radio messages (a German Ultra intercept system). The ideas behind this are threefold:
1. It should allow Kaleuns in the vicinity of historical events to get close enough to scripted convoys or task forces to interdict them, and encourages contact reports to be sent to allow the Luftwaffe to assist you in the battle.
2. It is designed to allow Kaleuns to feel more a part of World War Two rather than being a bit player who is only out to sink ships where they can find them.
3. It should allow Kaleuns worldwide to get more of a feel for what is happening elsewhere on the globe. If you're cruising in the Caribbean, you'll know something is going on in the Mediterranean and vice versa.

44 operations that are scripted into the GWX 2.0 campaign are supported by this mod which is only available in English.

All radio messages are directed to your u-boat rather than being generic. This means that as a 1st Flotilla sub you will still receive messages about the Far East. The radio messages that you will receive are not historically accurate as u-boats would not necessarily receive details of operations that they were not part of.

Mod is available at:

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