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You'll find the 4 bearing method a lot harder to get results with because the hydrophone readout isn't as precise as in SHx series games. You don't get readout of a precise bearing (light bulb indicating the edges of the cone), or something drawn on the map. (well, the hydro-operator bot reports bearings) You rather have to listen yourself and try to narrow down the bearing as much as possible from the sound only. The high and low pass filter settings and gain can help with that. But it is quite hard to narrow it down to 1 degree bearings accurately for reliable 4-bearing plots.

In the harder difficulty levels the convoys change course every some interval and you won't have the time to do this anyway. Getting a visual sight and following it is the quickest way to get results.

But I hear yah, it's an interesting technique to try. I just wish we would have more standoff distance at spawn.
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