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Originally Posted by blackswan40 View Post
Hi Torpex77 Re Single player you can still play Wolfpack on your own with AI bots controling other stations and you can take over the stations like the TDC or the hydrophones or dive station and when you leave that station the AI bot will retake control of that station.
One thing of note when you need to crash dive the dive bot will crash dive the Uboat to 70 meters if you want to go deeper you have to fill the negative tank to 4.5 then you drop like a brick then you just let some water out so the nagative tank is at 2.0 and you should hold depth at 170-180 meters
Wow I got in single player...Wow...this thing is freaking AWESOME
I Am seriously impressed! A true work of art. They literally BUILT a UBOAT
A Submarine Simulation should "simulate" Historical Reality as best as possible! No Excuse, because whatsoever your trying to simulate, is documented..somewhere!
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