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Now Steel Fury - except the first one; couldn't resist sneaking in an M60 from SABOW:

Now Steel Fury, starting with a couple of scenes from a Jagdtiger mission I made for the 'Schulze's Diary' campaign.

Schulze leads his three Jagdtigers into position covering the bridge he must defend until the Panthers and grenadiers of 2 SS Panzer arrive:

Schulze's gunner lines up the leading platoon of Shermans as they roll towards the bridge:

A scene from the post-battle review, showing US infantry, half-tracks and the Pershings which arrived later, stalled on the western side of the bridge:

Michael Witmann surveys the next bound before advancing up to the N175, north of Villers Bocage:

Later in the battle, Witmann passes a burning enemy carrier as he flanks the stalled British column at Villers Bocage:

Panthers at Prokhorovka:

Stock German campaign:

King Tigers in a winter mission:

In an earlier battle, Schuzle finds himself on Hill 226, up against the Churchills of the Scots Guards:

IS-3 seen through a comrade's gunner's sight

Next three are from 'Do your Job!', a mission in Lockie's campaign based on the movie 'Fury':

Michael Witmann's gunner's view of a Cromwell at Villers Bocage:

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