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Originally Posted by bigboywooly View Post
Well what can I say thats not already been said
Chance to log on here or anywhere has been limited for the last few months due to RL\family reasons and getting a chance today I log on to see this

I do feel a lil guilty having been away from the team for far too long and not being able to contribute to GWX4 for months

Salute to the GWX team for making a difficult decision which with all the work I had seen before departure couldnt have been easy and I feel for those who have toiled non stop
Lets hope something can be done with all the new work either in GWX3 or released for use in SH4

Has been an honour working with the team past and present

Great to see you here BBW....saw you were on The Lair should have posted something for the guys.

You've been a big miss, nobody will ever say any other, but you weren't the sole reason mate, we all share a part of the responsibility for the eventual outcome.

I know I certainly felt it was an honour working with you and am confident those thoughts will be reciprocated amongst the guys.

Gotta go, Newcastle have just scored.

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Oh my God, not again!!

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