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So unexpected, and at the same time not so... But life is like this, the realm of "impermanence".

I DO concur with everypoints mentionned in the posts abovel, and wish to thank Captain Lehmann and the whole of the GWX team ( and why not all the modders of this community who were, and are still working on the work laid by the GWX team ) and for the countless hours of happiness untill the early hours of the nights...

So yes, R.I.P. GWX, but that's not the end of it, and the "ripples" will be felt for still quite a while... ( And not everybody will be able to buy a new rig for SH5...I won't )

See it that way Cpt Lehmann, sometimes in life it's time to take a good break. Very few people here can ever imagine ( I include myself ) the level of involvement it must have asked from you and your team in your private lives and else...

So yes, take a chance, look a the bright side of it. Everyone needs a break. Rest from it for as long as needed...go on vacation if you can and when the time ( undoubtedly ) comes, you can always say I'm here, (because I doubt that you could ever stay UN-interrested with SH5 for very long ) Hehehe...
So, thank you again, Captain Lehmann, good rest, and we'll see you in a while, I have no doubt.

From everybody here... :s alute:
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