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an excellent discussion, and i'll tell you this, im pretty impressed with how accurately UBoat deals with prize regulations, and it helps to be familiar with them. (here is a link to a great, and old, subsim thread about them

so lets discuss incident 1:

I found a C3, heavily armed flying a flag of Portugal. The captain used Portuguese to speak. He was heading for Lisbon with medical supplies. The name was "Melange I".

-> They were located just south of Ireland and heading towards the UK.
-> Challenged the documents, claimed they where fake. He says no and the game claims he seems to be right. (I have never not had this outcome.)
-> Searched cargo hold. Found nothing suspicious. (I have never not had this outcome.)
-> Looked at what they are hauling. It was medical supplies and high caliber ammo.
-> Ordered the evacuation and sank the ship with deck gun.
-> The icon was newt gray and so where the lifeboats.

** Outcome **
BDU found they where a US ship under false flag.
refer to the prize regulations "Article VIII: banned goods"

"number 1: weapons of any kind" on the deck - the neutral merchant was armed and thus a viable target in my opinion.

"number 24: Medicines intended for use by the enemey." It is my interpretation as to the location and course of the ship, and the fact that it is heavily laden with medical supplies that the commander of the uboat would be safe to assume these medicines are in fact bound for an enemy port and thus the ship is a legitimate target.

refer to "Article IX: Banned goods considered for exemption" specifically where it states "Consideration should be given by the U-boat commander to the on board papers, logs, shipping labels or itinerary etc of the vessel. Attack, prizing, or confiscation should be considered if:

1. The vessel carrying such banned goods has clearly deviated from its route without justifiable reason for doing so
2. If there is evidence that the papers presented to the boarding party have been falsified so as to conceal the materials kept aboard, or conceal the intended destination etc

the ship is clearly not on a course for it's stated destination, and again, this makes her viable as a target


regarding incident 2

Incident 2

I found a tanker not far south of Ireland. Ship was flying a Spanish flag but heading for UK. Its name was "Dinsdale".

-> You can't interact with a tanker.
-> This ship sent a message spotting the plume of the C3 from incident 1.
-> When I got close, it sent a message stating it was under attack. I had not yet shot at it.
-> Sank it with deck gun.
-> Wreckage marker was red.
refer to "Article VIII: Banned Goods"

Number 22. Fuel oil, crude oil, lubricating oil, aviation gasoline are considered banned goods and for this reason, this dinsdale is a legitimate target

refer to "Article XI: attacks without warning"

"Number 4: Vessels which convey to the enemy the position of the U-boat may be attacked without warning", by broadcasting on radio that it was under attack by a U-boat, this vessel becomes a legitimate target for this reason.


it helps to have someone aboard on the boarding party who has the skill - i forget what it is - but the skill where they know wat goods are transported to what ports (symbol for this skill is money i think) - if you have them in the boarding party and push that the papers are false, most of the time the neutral captain will crack and confess that the ship is false flagged or something to that extent.
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