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radar Liars! (False Flags)

Hello subsimmers.

Dealing with neutral vessels is a bit of a pain. There is little information on what to look for and it seems you never find anything suspicious. There are things though that make you go HMMM. I would like to start a discussion based on how we can tell and what to look for. Have you sunk a newt and found out later it was really a newt? I want your experience.

I was watching a video by Lite_ly Salted called "Liars!" wherein his crew found nothing suspicious either. He sunk the ship based on other things and low and behold the life boats where red. (A good watch if you haven't seen it.)

So I started a new career to mess around with, found a couple of newts and sank them both. Here is what I have found.

Incident 1

I found a C3, heavily armed flying a flag of Portugal. The captain used Portuguese to speak. He was heading for Lisbon with medical supplies. The name was "Melange I".

-> They were located just south of Ireland and heading towards the UK.
-> Challenged the documents, claimed they where fake. He says no and the game claims he seems to be right. (I have never not had this outcome.)
-> Searched cargo hold. Found nothing suspicious. (I have never not had this outcome.)
-> Looked at what they are hauling. It was medical supplies and high caliber ammo.
-> Ordered the evacuation and sank the ship with deck gun.
-> The icon was newt gray and so where the lifeboats.

** Outcome **
BDU found they where a US ship under false flag.

** Notes **
-Unlike in the Lite_ly Salted video, you can't tell by the colour of the lifeboats after they evacuate.
-I sank the ship based on location, direction, (wrong for Lisbon) and the fact that it had high caliber ammo. Everything else checked out.

*Edit - It occurs to me the ship was really a newt, it was US, so maybe that is why everything was still newt gray after it sank. I still got the credit, I think because it was a false flag.

Incident 2

I found a tanker not far south of Ireland. Ship was flying a Spanish flag but heading for UK. Its name was "Dinsdale".

-> You can't interact with a tanker.
-> This ship sent a message spotting the plume of the C3 from incident 1.
-> When I got close, it sent a message stating it was under attack. I had not yet shot at it.
-> Sank it with deck gun.
-> Wreckage marker was red.

** Outcome **
BDU found they where a UK ship under false flag. (Might have been Canadian, I forget now.)

** Notes **
-I sank the ship based on the name, (Dinsdale for Spain?), Location and direction, and because it sent an under attack message when I hadn't fired a shot. I was just there.
-I didn't notice the lifeboats, the wreckage marker was red.

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