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It's an alpaca, ok?
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Originally Posted by Steel_Tomb
Originally Posted by Dowly
Originally Posted by Mikhayl
Would you guys mind a spare target/bait ? I'm playing a few quicky single missions since yesterday to train a bit, I'd feel a bit better if it's a human wrecking me rather than a machine
Sure, no problem. Always happy to have new pilots screaming and peeing their pants while I'm chasing them. :rotfl:

We use Jimbuna's TeamSpeak server to gather to before missions, here's the info for it:

TS Server IP:
Password: wolf

The IL2 server IP will be given in TS or if you cant use TeamSpeak, I PM it to you.
Unless its you screeming and peeing your pants with my spitfire on your six! :rotfl: :rotfl:
*Stops waxing his Zero and turns to ST*

Sry, mate, I think I'm going deaf, what you said again? :p
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