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Default Atc.4Detection

1. Operating System, System spec ?
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
2. What is your version of the game ? (DVD, Uplay download, Steam, other ?)
3. Confirm that your game is updated to official v1.2.0 version and that the vanilla game works without problems.
Installed the game form the DVD, ran the updater to v1.2.0 and tested the vanilla game and all worked good.
4. Provide a screenshot which will show all content and installation path of your main Silent Hunter 5 install folder.
5. Describe briefly your mod installation process and specify any error messages you've got during the installation.
Installed The Wolves of Steel 2.2_SH5 Expansion Pack_v2.2.7_Full exe and fired up SH with admin rights. Game stopped working after few minutes. Bitdefender quarantined sh5 exe and a bunch of other files associated with SH claiming Atc4.Detection threat.
6. Confirm that you have checked for solution in provided install instructions and other documentation?
Searched the forum but did not find any related posts.
7. Specify mods you're using and state your mod order (do not type the list manually, use "Export activated mods list to" JSGME function).
The Wolves of Steel 2.2_SH5 Expansion Pack_v2.2.7_Full
8. If you use any unsupported mods, remove them, reinstall your game/TWoS completely according to install instruction, start new campaign and make sure that the issue still persist.
9. Make sure to provide as much details as possible when describing situation where problem/bug/CTD can be observed. What should we do in order to reproduce this issue?
I know the game stopped working because the sh5 exe and other related files were quarantined by Bitdefender, but is this a false positive?
10. Upload several screenshots and gamesaves where problem can be observed.

I know the install instructions strongly recommends deactivation during the installation. I did keep Bitdefender running during the installation with no issues. My issue began while running the mod for the first time.

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