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Originally Posted by VonDos View Post
Planking is longitudinal, but ugly textures + graphic effects make really poor this effect. New textures will improve this, i'm looking for this.
Do the new decks have their texture mapped on the main unit texture or on a separate tga file?

Originally Posted by VonDos View Post
@the_frog love those colors, if i send you the original tga, can you modify a little the file with this "Cunard" orange please?
I think Kendras was suggesting the new funnel colors with Cunard "scheme", not The_Frog.
Anyway, here is my intepretation of them: I made the bronze color on the funnel more orange-red (if need be, I can do it a bit darker and more red), and I have darkened/contrasted a bit the black bands on funnels and hull:

Let me know how the new colors will look in game
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