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Default A lttle reading required....

Like you I come and go here on Subsim...depending on what is happening in real life forgot and lost my first user name and pass word from 2000 in the dustbin of time.

I would not call SH5 superior to SH3, it has its share of ugly warts, its just newer with better graphics and some nice features not present in SH3. I have only just come back around to giving SH5 a second try because of the Wolves Of Steel mod. It is a massive improvement over the buggy mess SH5 was at release. I really enjoy using real navigation, but hate being limited to a type VII boat only. I do love the graphics, but I still am not a fan of the scripting in the campaign. I still find my personal preference to be for the gracefully aging SH3 and its dynamic campaign....I just find the immersion better for me

NYGM and GWX are old favorites and I still have them installed on my PC. I have always loved the large number of mods that allow you to shape either one of these supermods into what you want.

As far as my favorite mods for these I have to say that IAMBECOME's Merchant Fleet Mod and the complementing MFM skin Packs set up for SH3 Commander along with Sailor Steve's Ships Names mod run high on my list.

H.ise and Stiebler patches and SH3 Commander I consider a must have for both I absolutely love the options and the date function of SH3 Commander.

There are too many mods I like that I could list here, but I think the ones above rank high for most folks here...the rest are a matter of personal choice.

A last minute addition here.... read through this thread from a few years back. A number of people shared their JSGME mod list for NYGM and GWX. It is a good source for ideas as to what to try.

WAC 5.01, the newest of the supermods, has really impressed me and I am spending more and more time with it. The graphics are really amazing for such an old game and the detailed campaigns are really impressive. To get an informed idea of what WAC has to offer I would read over the Handbuch_manual_WAC5.0. Follow the link below. Scroll down to the link for "All Wac Related Files" in the 4th post and that will take you to the manual others of interest. One post above mentioned that WAC can be far it has been rock steady for me and no CTD's...but like they say your experiences may vary.

Living Silent Hunter III 2015 Edition I just started trying so I really can not give much of an opinion on other then to say the graphics are great. I would read over the LSH3 MiniManual. The supermod creators give you some good detail about what the mod offers. I am not sure if you can download the MiniManual it came as part of the Huge file download that is LSH. I also believe that they are working on a newer version.

Both of these new supermods require a decent sure to check the PC requirements they need. I don't think you would regret installing which ever one you choose.

Geezs that was long winded...but I hope it helps.


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