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i donīt think itīs that unrealistic. The commanders could not only watch the ships going down, but also hear the sinking sound, when submerged - like in in the game. Torpedoed ships usually sent an sss signal and their names on the 600m wave, so the u-boat commanders could normally identify what they have hitten.

What does happen ingame? If i havenīt already identified the ship when finding the TDC solution, or if i did a wrong identification (or if i shoot from the hip ), i will be corrected by the game - but if everything was ok, thereīs no need to do the identification twice.

I also doubt about the BdUīs ability to get more valuable information about the scenery than the appropriate commander - besides few exeptions.

So i can see your intention to simulate failures in the commanderīs assessment, but imho the game already includes the majority of the points you mentioned.
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